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He has always been a curious person and fascinated by everything that hides in itself great stories and great men.

2008: in the UK he came across several tastes of beer that he hadn’t imagined and had never know before, that is the beginning of a passion and a endless love. After that journey, he began researching and detailed studying.

2011: the turning point. In a long tour around the United States he got to know the world of Craft Beer, seeing and breathing the “craft revolution”. That was like a bolt from the blue in Marco’s life.
At that time, he realised his future and his goal: to be part of the craft beer revolution. In the following years Marco took academic courses, additional studies and experiences, all with the aim to train professionally.

2014: Marco went to United Kingdom where graduated with distinction in British Brewing Technology at BrewLab school at Sunderland University.
He became a professional Brewer.

2015-2016: Marco completed work experiences and internships at BrewFist, BrewDog, Mondo Brewing Company, Beavertown, Two Tribes Brewery and others.

After these 2 years he returned back home in order to find his way into the infinite world of beer.

He strongly believes in innovation and deals with enthusiasm the new opportunities he faces.

2009: he leaves law studies, too much institutional. In the following months he works hard and with the earned money he moves to the US, destination San Francisco, frenetic and exciting city, where he spends almost 4 months living in a family as a true american. Back to Italy he has clear ideas, he wants to get the bachelor in Marketing. He enrolls at the University of Milan.

2011: in September he goes back to the United States, visiting his American bro Kevin, together with the future brewery’s cofounders, Marco and Marzio.
11 States, almost 4000 miles and many craft beers!

2012: Erasmus in Germany, an entire year living in Mainz. Michele improves German and learn from 0 Spanish (too many Spanish friend!)

2013: long period of stage and work for Studio Idea, an advertising and distribution business located in Trento. He manages through a software the distribution of local newspapers and certified mails.

2014/2015: back to Milan, Michele gets his degree. After that he moves to Trento and start his own business.

In the following 2 years he studies and learn about marketing and web strategies.
Together with his 2 best friends (the brewery co-founders), Michele starts realizing as well, what before was just a dream.

He decided to found his own Brewery.

Marzio has always been a resolute and pragmatic person, focused and results-orientated.

2008: he enrolls to the faculty of Economics, in order to learn what is the Business Management, with the goal to work and improve his family business, operating in the food service industry in Trentino, owning a restaurant, where Marzio has been working for several years.

2010: thanks to the job experience, he develops a great knowledge in the food & beverage; after reading the works of the famous “beer hunter” M.Jackson he opens up to the beer universe.

2011: during the US trip in the MidWest with Michele and Marco he gets closer to the great and emerging world of craft beers and breweries.

2013-2015: after getting the bachelor in Business Management, Marzio joins officially the family restaurant getting a part of its equities. Doing that, he keeps on expanding his knowledge in craft beers, dealing directly with customers and suppliers (breweries and distributors).

In the following years Marzio gets part to several events, fairs, courses and visits many breweries in Trentino and Italy, updating on the news and trends of the craft berr world.

He decides to found his own Brewery.

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