Passion is a craft brewery located in Trentino, Italy. We are 3 friends who came together on a quest to create innovative, uncompromising and unconventional beers that are an expression of our obsession with quality brewing.

We particularly love to experiement with recipes and brews, without any limit. While we have the utmost and utter respect for traditions, we aren’t afraid to challenge them and tweak them in order to create something with a distinctive personality. Creativity is a big part of what we do, and it is what makes the brewing process special for us in our quest for quality. Our vision is ultimately to bring exciting craft beer to our region and beyond, connecting with a like-minded audience with a passion for beer innovation and creative, bold new brews.


Our beer is our craft!

Passion Crew @ Craft Beer Festival
London, August 2016
We are connected to beer through our craft. To us: it’s an experience.

In our philosophy, Craft is the keyword. In our native language, craft beer is commonly translated into artisanal beer – an expression that we feel doesn’t live up the the meaning of what we stand for. According to the dictionary, a craft is a skill in making things by hand. This implies a personal and intimate connection between the craftsman and the product.

There is also another, older meaning to the word craft, which is strength: BrewPassion’s strength is indeed our committment to creating excellent craft beer to write home about! We are connected to beer through our craft. To us: it’s an experience.

With our work, we hope to share our love for this product and our knowledge of the brewing process with customers looking for excellence and…passion!

Join us in this crazy new adventure and feel free to hit us up with any question, request or inquire about our work. We’d love to have a chat with you!

Passion #BeCraftBePassion